Amcor: Document Management

About the client

Amcor is a leading packaging manufacturer in various industries, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care. The company has approximately 46,000 employees across more than 200 locations in over 40 countries.

Amcor Flexibles Winterbourne, a key manufacturing site for Amcor, employs around 190 people and is committed to delivering high-quality, innovative packaging solutions while maintaining strict compliance with industry standards and customer requirements.

Irene Garcia, the Quality Systems Manager at Amcor Flexibles Winterbourne, oversees all quality-related documentation. 

As Irene explains:

“I am responsible for internal and external audits, customer documentation, and also documentation in general with Singlepoint. This includes our internal documentation like policies, SOPs, gathering metrics – all the documentation required to manufacture the product to meet our customers’ requirements and our certifications’ requirements.”

Support at every step

The challenge

With so much critical documentation to manage, Amcor needed an effective document management and control system.

As Irene notes:

“It would be a very challenging task to control it myself using a network drive.” 

They therefore required a document management solution that would keep everything organised, provide access to previous document versions and allow setting granular access rights for different user roles.

Our solution

For over a decade, Amcor has used Singlepoint as their documentation management system, as Singlepoint provides the features they need for proper document control and compliance with standards. 

As Irene explains:

“Singlepoint keeps everything together nicely with all the previous versions. You can access the previous versions and also provide access rights. Operators can only view and print, whilst line managers have document access to change and obsolete documents.”

Over the years, Singlepoint has released ongoing upgrades and system improvements.

“Now it’s faster and easier to find documentation because you have different options to search documents. It’s easy to use when registering a document or changing a document.”

The Results

By using Singlepoint, Amcor has significantly improved efficiency in managing their controlled documentation. Each department now manages its own section of documentation within the system. Documents can be authored and approved within a single streamlined process. 

As Irene confirms,

“Now not everything is controlled by quality. Each department has its own section of documentation. It’s more departmental rather than quality trying to manage all the different documents we have.”

These improvements have eased the workload for Irene and her team. End users are also benefiting, with Irene receiving positive feedback about Singlepoint’s ease of use. 

With Singlepoint enabling them to efficiently manage documentation with less effort, Amcor can maintain compliance and focus on its core mission.

Irene concludes:

“I highly recommend Singlepoint to other organisations that require a robust document control system.”

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