Change Management.

Use Singlepoint’s Change Management software to control and execute change with a fully traceable system.

Keep change on track

Utilising Singlepoint’s workflow capabilities, organisations can track virtually any combination of requirements and business rules. Handle various types of change events, such as product and process change (engineering) and varying levels of complexity.

Collaborate across departments

With task management at the heart, our change management module allows cross-departmental collaboration to review and action tasks, keeping change on track.

Streamline your change process

Transform your control and visibility over the change process. With the integration capabilities of Singlepoint, data can be automatically consumed and displayed in Singlepoint and posted back to external systems, including your ERP system.

Connect your entire system to quality

The real benefit of a change control software is that it makes the change management process robust and streamlined. Remove manual errors and make changes effortlessly at speed with centralised change control.

Stay Compliant

While many companies focus on getting their process right for internal use only, having a robust change control process is essential if you want to maintain compliance and stay audit ready.

Automatic audit trails

Singlepoint helps you maintain an automatic audit trail by capturing comprehensive evidence during process execution.

Airtight control at every step

Eliminate risks from your change process with comprehensive task management and traceability.

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Case studies

Amcor: Document Management

Amcor: Document Management

“Singlepoint is a very good system for control of documentation. You have everything on the system and it’s user-friendly. Everybody in the company can use it.” – Irene, Quality Systems Manager

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The Mentholatum Company: Document Management

The Mentholatum Company: Document Management

The Mentholatum Company, a US-based developer of OTC products, faced challenges with document management and regulatory compliance under FDA and cGMP guidelines. Adopting Singlepoint’s Document Management System, they transformed their paper-based system into a digital powerhouse, enhancing document security, access control, and audit readiness.

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Hitachi Rail: Multi-site implementation

Hitachi Rail: Multi-site implementation

Hitachi Rail Europe, Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. and a total railway system supplier offering rolling stock, traction equipment, signalling, traffic management systems and maintenance centres.

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Fablink: NPI and APQP

Fablink: NPI and APQP

Fablink redefines project management in the automotive industry with Singlepoint, gaining total visibility into NPI and APQP tasks

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What is change management software?

Change management software will help you eliminate your cumbersome, existing manual methods. It will help you save precious time and gain valuable insight into your process to see clearly where the risks and delays really are. Because it’s flexible, Singlepoint Change Manager can be adapted to capture the full range of in-house as well as customer requirements, helping you to improve and comply, whilst making the process leaner and faster. Customers and auditors will love the detailed audit trail and record management capabilities.

How adaptable is Singlepoint Change Manager?

Singlepoint has its own on-board workflow, forms and reports designer – this makes the module incredibly flexible and we usually see our customers wanting to configure different variations of the process to cope with the range of events and complexities they have to deal with.

Is Singlepoint Change Manager integrated with Radar BI?

Yes, Singlepoint’s Change Manager is fully integrated with Radar BI and you can design reports and dashboards that will instantly display data from the process, allowing you to get valuable insights into where the bottlenecks and risks really are.