Customer Management.

When it comes to managing customer relationships, businesses often find themselves tangled in a web of complex, expensive CRM solutions that don’t really serve their needs. Singlepoint’s Customer Mnagement module offers a fresh streamlined approach that evolves with your usage, delivering just the essentials, right down to the granular level. This makes it the ultimate tool for efficient and effective customer management.

Cost-effective control

Say goodbye to bloated, expensive B2B CRM solutions. Our Customer Management module offers a ‘CRM Lite’ approach, streamlining functionality without compromising quality. Helping you to manage your relationships cost-effectively at scale.

Designed for B2B

While market-leading CRM systems are well-suited for B2C markets, they often falter in the B2B sector where deep operational process management is critical. Our approach fills this gap by offering essential features that can be extended for specific operational needs through our BPM platform. Over time, as these customer-related processes interact, you’ll experience an uplift in performance.

Unbeatable flexibility

Singlepoint’s Customer Management is fully integrated with our low code platform. This means it’s infinitely configurable and modular, working seamlessly alongside any other Singlepoint modules, like our Quoting module. Additionally, our system can integrate seamlessly with other third-party software systems you may already have in place.

360-degree customer oversight

Imagine an all-in-one customer management tool that covers everything from tracking revenue opportunities to project management, including timesheet logging, expense tracking, and invoice triggering. This module also ensures compliance and operational excellence through its intuitive, workflow-driven features. As time progresses, Singlepoint enhances performance by seamlessly integrating various customer-related processes and centralising key customer data.

Data-driven decision making

Not only can you leverage dashboards and insights, but you can also benefit from real-time reporting directly from Singlepoint’s Business Intelligence module for informed decision-making and insights into every customer interaction and process.

Automated alerts and notifications

Automated notifications and reminders are a standout feature in Singlepoint, helping to keep teams and individuals on track while enhancing operational excellence throughout the customer journey.

End-to-end compliance and workflow management

This module comes with strong compliance capabilities and intuitive workflow-driven process management features, assuring operational excellence at every customer touchpoint.

Trusted and proven

We couldn’t find a CRM system that aligned with our operational needs. So, we built one that did and we utilise it to run most of our own operations, including commercial, project management, professional services and technical support. Singlepoint’s Customer Management is not just a trusted product, it’s a core part of our own business.

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Case studies

Amcor: Document Management

Amcor: Document Management

“Singlepoint is a very good system for control of documentation. You have everything on the system and it’s user-friendly. Everybody in the company can use it.” – Irene, Quality Systems Manager

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The Mentholatum Company: Document Management

The Mentholatum Company: Document Management

The Mentholatum Company, a US-based developer of OTC products, faced challenges with document management and regulatory compliance under FDA and cGMP guidelines. Adopting Singlepoint’s Document Management System, they transformed their paper-based system into a digital powerhouse, enhancing document security, access control, and audit readiness.

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Hitachi Rail: Multi-site implementation

Hitachi Rail: Multi-site implementation

Hitachi Rail Europe, Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. and a total railway system supplier offering rolling stock, traction equipment, signalling, traffic management systems and maintenance centres.

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Fablink: NPI and APQP

Fablink: NPI and APQP

Fablink redefines project management in the automotive industry with Singlepoint, gaining total visibility into NPI and APQP tasks

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What is 'CRM Lite' and how is it different from other CRM systems?

‘CRM Lite’ is our approach to delivering streamlined yet comprehensive customer management solutions that are tailored for B2B businesses. It focuses on the essential features you need without the unnecessary bloat, making it cost-effective and easy to use.

Can I integrate Singlepoint’s Customer Management with other modules?

Yes, our Customer Management module is designed to work seamlessly alongside any of the other Singlepoint modules, like our Quoting module, offering you an integrated solution for your business.

How does Singlepoint adapt over time to improve performance?

Over time, the customer-related processes in Singlepoint interact more with each other, leading to increased performance and operational efficiency.