Issue Management.

Singlepoint Issue Manager helps you to fully automate your non-conformance, corrective and preventive action processes.

Automate issue management processes

This highly flexible tool can be easily adapted to deal with a range of issue types, such as customer complaints, service errors and of course to resolve audit-related NCR’s.

Drive continuous improvement

Through a fully digitised process, you’ll be able to drive continual improvement across your organisation and ensure adherence to best practices is built into every process.

Access real-time issue data

Fully integrated into Singlepoint Radar BI, you will have access to data in real-time at the macro and the micro levels, from organisational issues to individual tasks.

Manage issues at speed

Condense your data into a single system and remove manual processes with an issue management solution that’s available anywhere, anytime.

Workflow driven

Singlepoint’s powerful and flexible workflow design allows you to capture all of the variations across all issue types, including all of the various business rules and best practices.

Integrated with the Singlepoint ecosystem

Issue Manager is natively integrated with other Singlepoint modules, such as Audit, New Product Introduction. It is also fully integrated with Radar BI for real-time, instant access to management reports and KPIs.

Adaptable issue capture

Singlepoint’s high levels of flexibility allow for variations of the NCR / CAPA process to be captured, e.g. a full investigation for systemic failure versus a lighter ‘fast track’ option for one-off issues.

Complete task management

Users receive notifications in real time and managers can instantly see which tasks have been completed and which ones are overdue. Document reports are also created automatically.

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Case studies

Amcor: Document Management

Amcor: Document Management

“Singlepoint is a very good system for control of documentation. You have everything on the system and it’s user-friendly. Everybody in the company can use it.” – Irene, Quality Systems Manager

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The Mentholatum Company: Document Management

The Mentholatum Company: Document Management

The Mentholatum Company, a US-based developer of OTC products, faced challenges with document management and regulatory compliance under FDA and cGMP guidelines. Adopting Singlepoint’s Document Management System, they transformed their paper-based system into a digital powerhouse, enhancing document security, access control, and audit readiness.

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Hitachi Rail: Multi-site implementation

Hitachi Rail: Multi-site implementation

Hitachi Rail Europe, Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. and a total railway system supplier offering rolling stock, traction equipment, signalling, traffic management systems and maintenance centres.

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Fablink: NPI and APQP

Fablink: NPI and APQP

Fablink redefines project management in the automotive industry with Singlepoint, gaining total visibility into NPI and APQP tasks

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What is issue management software?

Singlepoint Issue Manager is a fully automated, end-to-end software solution for managing issues such as non conformances and complaints.

 We recognise that each company operates differently and that’s why our modules are adaptable to the way you work. Users execute workflows that have the best-practice and the needs of the business built in. Quick and easy to use, users will have access to all of the information that they need to get the job done. Real-time notifications and reports keep the process moving along to ensure no time is lost or wasted.