Singlepoint Integrations.

Singlepiont comes out the box with a number of native integrations to commonly used MRP, ERP, email and generative AI solutions.

Integrated With

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  • SAP

    Customer and Company Information

    Streamline client interactions and data management with easy access and management of customer and company information.

    Job Routing

    Optimise process flows and documentation accessibility with efficient job routing and easy access to relevant documents.

  • Invisible Systems

    Sensor Reporting

    Record and report on data from an extensive range of sensors and trigger exception based workflows.

  • Syspro ERP

    WIP Reading and Updating

    Enhance operational efficiency with real-time Work in Progress reading and updates through Syspro business objects.

    Warehouse Management

    Optimise inventory handling and reduce fulfilment times with a streamlined request and management system for warehouse or store environments.

    Bill of Materials

    Maintain accurate records and compliance with ease using controlled document linkage for every revision of a Bill of Materials.

    Booking Codes and Timesheet Data

    Improve workforce management and resource allocation with efficient management of booking codes and shop floor data, including time sheets.

  • EcoOnline

    Incident Data Management

    Ensure safety compliance and effective incident response with secure uploading and management of incident data.

  • MailChimp

    Campaign Integration

    Enhance marketing performance with actionable insights through integration, tracking, and measurement of marketing campaigns.

  • AI and Cognitive Services

    OpenAI and Generative AI

    Leverage cutting-edge AI within documents and processes with advanced generative AI results, including image generation and editing.

    Voice to Text Capabilities

    Using Whisper and Azure, create records in any module using voice and images for enhanced accessibility by transcribing voice memos.

  • Email Management

    EWS/MS Graph/SMTP

    Streamline communication channels and enhance data connectivity with capabilities for sending and receiving emails linked to any record or data source.

    Retry Management

    Reduce email delivery failures and maintain seamless communication with consistent communication ensured by robust retry mechanisms.

  • SSO and Identity Provision

    SAML based IDP Integration

    Secure and streamline access control with support for authentication using any SAML based IDP like ADFS.

    Configurable as a SAML based IDP

    Enhanced security and integration flexibility is offered with the ability to configure Singlepoint as a SAML based IDP.

Industrial Testing and Data Management

Wavin Case Study

At Wavin, Singlepoint’s integration capabilities are put to the test in demanding industrial environments. Data from Mitsubishi and Siemens PLCs are captured during critical Thermo Cycling tests that pressurise water in pipes under varying temperatures and pressures. Managing approximately 5 million records daily, Singlepoint provides robust workflow functions for managing test cycles, complete with advanced reporting on run charts and proactive exception reporting.

Our case studies

Amcor: Document Management

Amcor: Document Management

“Singlepoint is a very good system for control of documentation. You have everything on the system and it’s user-friendly. Everybody in the company can use it.” – Irene, Quality Systems Manager

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The Mentholatum Company: Document Management

The Mentholatum Company: Document Management

The Mentholatum Company, a US-based developer of OTC products, faced challenges with document management and regulatory compliance under FDA and cGMP guidelines. Adopting Singlepoint’s Document Management System, they transformed their paper-based system into a digital powerhouse, enhancing document security, access control, and audit readiness.

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Hitachi Rail: Multi-site implementation

Hitachi Rail: Multi-site implementation

Hitachi Rail Europe, Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. and a total railway system supplier offering rolling stock, traction equipment, signalling, traffic management systems and maintenance centres.

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Fablink: NPI and APQP

Fablink: NPI and APQP

Fablink redefines project management in the automotive industry with Singlepoint, gaining total visibility into NPI and APQP tasks

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