United Language Group: Achieving global compliance with Competency Checker

About the client

As a language solutions partner built on quality processes and linguistic expertise, United Language Group is one of the world’s largest and most innovative translation, localisation and interpreting providers.

The company has been using Singlepoint since 2015 for Document Control, Competency Checker and Visual Navigator with 300+ users in multiple countries including India, Ireland and the US.

Support at every step

The challenge

The team at United Language Group, led by Sandra Morley, Quality Systems Engineer, faced a pressing challenge.

Updates to ISO 9001:2015 mandated a heightened focus on showcasing the competence of trainees. Their existing system lacked the capability to tie training with document control, ensuring timely training on updated documents. Additionally, they sought an efficient way to determine the effectiveness of their training by allowing content-specific questions to be assigned. 

This approach would ensure that the right individuals were comprehending and receiving the necessary training. Retrieving training records for external audits was cumbersome, and there was a clear need for an integrated, electronic solution.

Our solution

The introduction of the Competency Checker module alongside the Singlepoint Document Control system allowed United Language Group to:

  • Set quizzes or statements that users must respond to, ensuring they understand the document content.
  • Identify users needing further training or support if they couldn’t demonstrate adequate understanding.
  • Assign distribution lists to each document revision, guaranteeing the correct audience received the training
  • Report on training completion rates, facilitating communication with the management.
  • Offer evidence of trainee comprehension through content-specific questions.
  • Simplify the process of retrieving training records for external audits.

“Compared to our previous system, we can assign distribution lists to each document revision so that we can ensure that the right people are getting trained. We can report on training completion rates and provide this information to management as required. We can also provide evidence that trainees are measured on their ability to understand the training content (via content-specific questions). In addition, pulling training records for external auditor review is much cleaner and easier”.

Sandra Morley, Quality Systems Engineer for United Language Group

The Results

The adoption of the Competency Checker module led to increased visibility and accountability in the training process.

“We chose Syncronology as they were willing to develop a module to help us manage our training, had the technology available to create a process map of our QMS and meet our budgeting requirements. Singlepoint solves issues by providing traceability on document updates, approvals and revisions, together with providing transparency on training completion rates and assessing competency. Singlepoint has partnered with us to help develop an application to meet our expanding needs.


The process map provides a great overview of our QMS. We have shown this to several external auditors and have received a number of favourable comments. We have also been pleased by the willingness of the Syncronology team to make changes to the application to improve our user experience.”

Sandra Morley, Quality Systems Engineer for United Language Group

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