Risk Management.

Singlepoint Risk Manager is an innovative tool that empowers businesses to proactively manage and mitigate risks. With its fully automated workflow, this powerful solution allows you to easily assess and evaluate a wide range of potential risks, and to implement effective strategies.

A new approach to managing risk

With Singlepoint Risk Manager, you can take control of your business's risk profile and protect your organisation from potential threats, helping you to focus on growing your business, rather than worrying about potential risks.

End-to-end visibility

With Singlepoint Risk Manager, you can gain visibility into potential risks and drive improvement by gaining a better understanding of those risks and the solutions that can help address them. By increasing visibility, you can also increase control over critical areas of your business, leading to decreased risk and improved performance.

Decrease risk at every stage

By de-risking key processes, you can create a safer and more profitable environment in which your people and processes can deliver their full value to the business. This will help you to maximise the potential of your organisation and achieve your business goals.

Rapid risk evaluation

Singlepoint Risk Manager offers a fully automated approach to risk assessment, helping you easily and efficiently evaluate potential risks.

Adapts to industry standards

The software is designed to embrace industry-standard management methodologies, providing you with a better understanding of your risks and the solutions that can help address them.

Embrace continuous improvement

Unlike traditional stand-alone risk assessment documents, each risk record in Singlepoint is a "living" record that you can regularly assess and evaluate, ensuring that you are always responding to risks with positive improvement.

Seamlessly manage tasks

Singlepoint also offers comprehensive task management with automatic notifications, reminders, and escalation, helping you to stay on top of your risk management efforts.

Turn risk data into insight

Singlepoint is fully integrated with Radar BI, providing you with the insights you need to identify areas for improvement and optimise your risk management process.

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Case studies

KRG: Halving administration costs with Singlepoint

KRG: Halving administration costs with Singlepoint

As one of the UK’s top precision engineering firms, KRG Engineering faced steep administration costs that threatened its operational efficiency. Enter Singlepoint QMS, which, with its suite of advanced modules, transformed the firm’s approach.

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Metrol: Calibration Manager

Metrol: Calibration Manager

Metrol Technology’s journey with Singlepoint’s Calibration Manager is a testament to the power of a single source of truth. Witness a transformation marked by efficient workflows, user empowerment and the unmatched versatility of Singlepoint.

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NGF: A decade of support

NGF: A decade of support

NGF Europe Ltd are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of glass and glazing products for architectural, automotive and established creative technology markets.

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What is risk management software?
Risk management software helps you identify, assess, and document risks associated with the day to day running of your organisation. Alongside identification, a good risk management system should allow you to communicate risk and efficiently manage risk mitigation tasks.
Why do I need risk management software?

Manual methods such as paper or spreadsheet based processes are slow, time consuming and error prone and they rarely, if ever, provide real insight into the true state of the process. Risk Management software will put you in total control of this critical process.

 With Singlepoint’s Risk Management software, the best practice is built in, meaning nothing gets missed and the automated workflow execution means you’ll save time whilst rigorously applying the process to ensure full compliance and a safer working environment for staff, contractors and visitors.

What is enterprise risk management software?
Singlepoint’s Risk Manager software allows users to identify, assess and modify all manner of business-based risks across the entire enterprise with a view to reducing such risk, preferably to a point that it is no longer significant. Being fully web-based, Singlepoint is easy to securely deploy across even large organisations.