Training Management.

Navigating the complexities of employee training and skill management can feel like a maze of compliance risks and inefficiencies. Imagine a solution that provides a real-time snapshot of each employee’s skills, completed courses and pending learning objectives, all while aligning this data with their specific job roles.

Seamless transitions

Welcome to Singlepoint Training Management, your tool for effortless monitoring of training requirements, enabling seamless transitions between roles, and ensuring every team member is compliant, up-to-date, and primed for peak performance.

Complete tracking, recording and planning tool.

Imagine a dashboard where you can see all your employees’ skills, qualifications, work areas, training events and records consolidated into one dynamic, interlinked view. With Singlepoint Training Management, never miss another training need again.

Instant insight into outstanding needs

Need to reassign staff or roll out new procedures? Singlepoint Training Management automatically flags outstanding or lapsed training needs, allowing you to move employees safely from one area to another, confident their training is current.

Comprehensive data stores

Against each individual’s record, we’ve created separate data stores for skills, training requirements, measures, qualifications, and documents. Outstanding or expired/lapsed training needs are also flagged automatically in the system. This results in a powerful tool that lets you quickly query data across all records, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Real-time performance management

At any given moment, see a real-time view of every team member’s current training and skills status. This enables proactive skills gap management for peak performance, health and safety, and legal compliance. You and your colleagues can now act before training needs become critical issues.

Built-in competency checker

A significant part of your workforce’s training and knowledge is verified through their understanding of key operational documents like SOPs, work instructions and quality plans. Singlepoint’s Training Management module comes equipped with a built-in Competency Checker. This assures that employees not only read but also understand these crucial documents, reinforcing compliance and elevating the quality of work. Integrated with Singlepoint’s Document Management System, this feature maintains a comprehensive history of all document competency tests on a per-document and per-user basis.

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Case studies

KRG: Halving administration costs with Singlepoint

KRG: Halving administration costs with Singlepoint

As one of the UK’s top precision engineering firms, KRG Engineering faced steep administration costs that threatened its operational efficiency. Enter Singlepoint QMS, which, with its suite of advanced modules, transformed the firm’s approach.

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Metrol: Calibration Manager

Metrol: Calibration Manager

Metrol Technology’s journey with Singlepoint’s Calibration Manager is a testament to the power of a single source of truth. Witness a transformation marked by efficient workflows, user empowerment and the unmatched versatility of Singlepoint.

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NGF: A decade of support

NGF: A decade of support

NGF Europe Ltd are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of glass and glazing products for architectural, automotive and established creative technology markets.

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What is a Training Management System?

A Training Management System is a tool designed to automate and streamline your training processes, from assigning training tasks to tracking progress and compliance.

Why is Competency Checker an essential component of Singlepoint Training Management?

Many businesses struggle to keep accurate records of their employees’ training and understanding of key operational documents. This challenge becomes acute when introducing new documents or when existing ones are updated. Singlepoint’s Competency Checker captures these changes and initiates workflow-driven tests to ensure employees fully comprehend the revised content. This not only enhances individual performance but also automatically updates each person’s training record in real-time.

What types of training can the system manage?

Singlepoint Training Management can handle a wide variety of training types, including skills training, compliance courses, and onboarding programs.

Can it handle both online and in-person training?

Yes, our system is flexible enough to manage both online and traditional, in-person training records.

Can it integrate with other systems (e.g., HR systems, LMS)?

Yes, Singlepoint Training Management is designed for easy integration with other Singlepoint modules as well as third-party systems.