Calibration Manager.

Singlepoint’s Calibration management software is packed with features that will put you and your team in complete command of your measurement systems, equipment and gauges.

Tight control & management of your measurement systems

With comprehensive access to the full life-cycle of each piece of equipment, Singlepoint includes detailed system-generated audit trails and certificates. Alongside the here and now, our calibration manager gives you all the forward looking tools you need to help you plan and execute all actions relating to calibration.

Identify bottlenecks

With a data and system driven process in-place, your users will save huge amounts of time using our Calibration Manager when compared to using manual methods. Integrated with Radar BI, you’ll have every piece of data at your fingertips.

Stay audit-ready

With a comprehensive historic audit trail, our calibration module records data relating to every individual gauge or equipment’s entire life-cycle. This is all stored chronologically and accessible with a simple click.

Manage more

Our calibration manager can manage both ‘in-house’ and ‘external’ calibration routines and generate or store each corresponding certificate for each event. With a highly customisable set-up, you can use the module for much more than just calibration, including scheduled maintenance.

Powerful scheduling & alerts

Our scheduling and search tools allow you to see upcoming work in a timely fashion. Automatic notifications can be set at selectable frequencies to rapidly alert users to upcoming tasks.

Execute a seamless migration

Data import and migration tools are available to help you move your legacy data into Singlepoint quickly, easily and accurately.

Get our Calibration Manager factsheet

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Case studies

KRG: Halving administration costs with Singlepoint

KRG: Halving administration costs with Singlepoint

As one of the UK’s top precision engineering firms, KRG Engineering faced steep administration costs that threatened its operational efficiency. Enter Singlepoint QMS, which, with its suite of advanced modules, transformed the firm’s approach.

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Metrol: Calibration Manager

Metrol: Calibration Manager

Metrol Technology’s journey with Singlepoint’s Calibration Manager is a testament to the power of a single source of truth. Witness a transformation marked by efficient workflows, user empowerment and the unmatched versatility of Singlepoint.

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NGF: A decade of support

NGF: A decade of support

NGF Europe Ltd are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of glass and glazing products for architectural, automotive and established creative technology markets.

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What is calibration management software?

Calibration management software allows you to automate your calibration process, streamline calibration events and provide greater control over calibration activities. Identify bottlenecks, connect production processes and improve efficiency all from Singlepoint’s single source of truth for calibration across your organisation.